Hey! I'm Panda. I'm 21, a recent college graduate who studied creative writing and film, and I am a huge nerd. I'm a self-assigned jack of all trades, a master of none. That's me in a nutshell. And if I'm in a nutshell, that must make me a nut.



Remus Lupin’s blue hair-having, rebellious, snogging in dark corners for longer than humanly possible punk child. 

Sirius and James are losing their shit in the afterlife. 

Remus probably just has his head in his hands while Tonks leans over his shoulder and goes “I give him an 8 for effort but a 5 for that hair colour”

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  • Sirius:

    In the OWL Exams, cool and laid-back as he carelessly sits on the hind-legs of his chair.

  • Sirius:

    Beneath the tree, calm and relaxed as he gets slightly annoyed at the commotion around him.

  • Sirius:

    Being described as calm, laid-back, cool, etc. several times throughout the series

  • Fandom:

    Let's make Sirius extremely childish and hyper!

  • Me:

    Yeah-wait what?



examples that prove being a fangirl works

  • Ginny Weasley
  • Kate Middleton
  • Peeta Mellark 
  • Evanna Lynch
  • Amy Pond

you forgot David Tennant

David Tennant is probably the best example of how being a crazed fan can make your dreams come true. He grew up watching Doctor Who, was cast as the tenth Doctor after be broke into the set wearing his homemade Nine costume, married the daughter of a Doctor, and is forever known as the Tenth Doctor.



is anywhere in the US safe tho like

in the northwest there are earthquakes and dormant volcanoes, in the southwest there are earthquakes and wildfires, in the midwest there are tornadoes, in the southeast there are hurricanes and flooding and sinkholes, in the northeast there are blizzards and extreme cold and flooding, and just when you think you find a place where you are safe there are probably republicans